Plastique Fantastique vol. II

Actress: Oh, I’m having flashbacks….
Bishop: Ahh! revenge of the 80’s stereotypes!
Bishop: They’re called Chattanooga… Are they a country group? Some sort of country/glam-pop hybrid, maybe? My head hurts now…
Actress: I made a jacket just like that one in the middle in sewing class in my first year of highschool, except it was tartan (plaid).
Bishop: Cool. She’s stealing your style..
Actress: I think she stole my hairspray, too.
Bishop: You set all the trends, baby… She just wants to be YOU.
Actress: Well, what can I say? I always wanted one of those feather necklaces….
Bishop: It looks like it tickles…
Actress: Tell me you aren’t jealous of those sunglasses…
Bishop: “I ahm the Terminator… Ah’ll be bock”
Actress: Just after I stick my finger in this light socket…
Bishop: Ha ha!
Bishop: Question: Were there photos taken during the 80’s that WEREN’T in fuzzy soft-focus?
Actress: Hey, it was a new technology. Wanna talk about microchips?
Bishop: lol… Are those things in those computers everyone’s talking about? Radical!
Actress: Oh, crap… The woman in the sunnies, isn’t wearing a JACKPACK is she??
Bishop: I don’t remember what a Jackpack is. I’m afraid to have my memory refreshed…
Actress: Jackpacks were cotton multicoloured jackets, mostly white, that you could fold up in to a little package and seal with a zip. They were big, lemme tell ya…
Bishop: They sound sexy!
Actress: Ooh, they were. I have photos of me in my jackpack…
Bishop: *rowr!!* You sexy little minx…
Actress: *flutters eyelashes* The band name just doesn’t fit with the photo, or the graphics.
Actress: Yup… like I said… I’m guessing they’re some sort of country/glam-pop hybrid.
Bishop: I can’t imagine that taking off, though, call me crazy…
Bishop: The soft-focus is making me ill! Dear God! Every photo from the 80’s I see makes me think the entire decade was fuzzy soft-focus, as if the entire world existed in some dreamy fugue state. Well, I can tell you that it wasn’t! This isn’t an accurate representation!
Actress: No! The 80’s were blindingly colourful. God help me if I ever see another pair of fluro socks… I am scarred…. *cries*
Bishop: There, there. It’s all gone now. The 80’s will never hurt you again.
Actress: *sniff* Promise?
Bishop: I promise. *kisses*
Actress: Why does it say “Stoppa Presarna!” at the top there?
Bishop: I think “Stoppa Pressarna!” is either A) the album’s title or B) Spanish for “stop pressing”, being a note from the record company to the vinyl publishing plant to stop printing copies entirely.
Actress: Yes!! You’ve nailed it with B.
Bishop: See, I studied my Spanish and it paid off.
Actress: Fuck, you’re good. No wonder I love you…



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10 responses to “Plastique Fantastique vol. II

  1. haha. luv the pics u find n post on ur blog!

  2. dogslol – Cool! Thanks for the support and please come back any time you like. šŸ™‚

    We have a big stockpile of hilarious pictures, so look forward to more where that came from.

    – Bishop

  3. Is that really a movie? I can’t find it on IMDB. Great picture and I love the comments underneath.

  4. JR – Do you mean the post above this one with the spaghetti monster? This here is an album cover from the 80’s… but I’m sure you got that. šŸ™‚

    The monster movie could well be a fake, which didn’t even occur to the Bishop or I until almost at the end of our conversation. Either way, it’s still a pretty funny picture. I love the old schlock horror movies and have a number of them on dvd and video myself…

    Thanks for your comment! šŸ™‚

    ~The Actress

  5. JRSofty

    Oops, Yep I meant the Spaghetti Monster. I’m not sure how this got posted here instead of there.

    There was a time an old friend of mine and I would rent the most horrible science fiction movies and watch them. I mean some of them were really bad. It was our intent to watch every sci-fi movie at our local VHS Rental shop no matter how bad it was. I know exactly what you mean by having a love for schlock.

  6. JRSofty – I hope the laughter was worth the unending and excruciating pain. Thanks for stopping by. šŸ™‚

    – Bishop

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  8. dajvid

    Swedish alert! Very early 80’s entrant in the Eurovision Song Contest.

  9. Ken

    “Stoppa pressarna” means stop the presses in swedish, the message shouted by the editor of the newspaper when breaking (and usually dramatic) news came in after the printing of tomorrows issue had began. I used to live in sweden, so I can assure you – It’s NOT spanish…….

    Other than that, it’s a sexy, cool superspy funny blog you have created. I have not laughed so much in a long time. Thanx a bunch.

    Best regards, and keep up the good work. (I really hope you do.)

  10. Ken

    Oh, I forgot to ask…….are you (Bishop & Actress) a couple? It seems like it, because whatever one of you says, the other one doesn’t miss a beat, it’s like reading a stand-up routine by two highly skilled comedians.

    Think Laurel and Hardy or Hale & Pace, comedic duos with great timing – Although the former one is of the silent era and slapstick, and the latter is contemporary of today, and vocal. The timing makes it funny, and you two have robot-like accuracy……..


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