Plastique Fantastique vol. III


Actress: Oh, what the hell…?
Bishop: Ha! Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk…Where to begin? I knew we’d get to some really trippy, fucked-up acid artwork sooner or later…
Actress: It stands to reason that the devil wears a wife beater, no?
Bishop: Yeah, the devil’s got the fashion sense of some guy on “Cops”.
Actress: Yeah, and he’s yelling like some idiot who’s just about to get arrested, too…
Bishop: As it turns out, he’s NEVER worn Prada.
Actress: Hey, it could be a designer wife beater. Don’t be so judgmental.
Bishop: When I see this out of the corner of my eye, I imagine that his staff is a mic stand and he looks like some sort of nightmarish stand-up comedian.
Actress: I just translated the title, through the dodgy Alta Vista babel fish… and it says “Hot Rates to Dance”
Bishop: Who could have guessed a translation would yield a title making even LESS sense?
Actress: There’s a naked lady in the background who looks like she’s hopping on hot coals… or is it dancing?
Bishop: Your guess is as good as mine. And her tits are fake.
Actress: So are his fingernails…
Bishop: And I hope on all that’s holy that his legs are, too.
Bishop: His dad was a chicken! Don’t laugh!
Actress: Oh, you really shouldn’t have said that…. bwahahaha!
Bishop: Sure, be insensitive. No sympathy for the devil
Actress: Hah! Shit! The devil is after me now..! What shall I do?
Actress: Let us pray.
Bishop: Just hope to escape his hyper-fast chicken legs
Actress: I’ve got no chance. I’m counting on you, my knight in shining armour… *flutters eyelashes*
Bishop: Having conquered the Spaghetti Monster from outer space, it’s now my duty to defeat Satan himself!
Actress: And you get bonus points for Satan, because then there’ll be no more McDonalds….
Bishop: Woohoo! Bonus points!
Actress: You always score with me, baby….



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