Dance Fools Dance! vol. I

This video is 51 seconds in length.

Enter at your own risk:

Actress: Nice pants! Stripes are the new black, don’t you know…
Bishop: Too… much… color….
Actress: I think they’re striped to hide the rips from being so freaking tight…
Bishop: Yeah… everybody stop and go a size up! Wardrobe!
Bishop: I can’t really say too much about this video because I went blind after the first few seconds. It must be really bright in that studio.
Actress: Yes… their pupils must be all dilated. Ahem. I was completely hypnotised by his pants… I had to watch it a second time..
Bishop: That fat guy looked really out of place, didn’t he? The white suit? I think it’s Jeff Garlin… The resemblance is uncanny!
Actress: It is! I think I’ll have to watch it again to make sure it isn’t actually him..
Actress: Do you see the girl he’s dancing with? She also looks totally out of place. She’s got this psychedelic mod thing going on, not at all disco hip…
Bishop: Right. She seems lost. She’s not even facing the right way half the time.
Actress: I think that woman was auditioning for a bit part in Saturday Night Fever.
Bishop: For the record they were ALL auditioning for Saturday Night Fever.
Actress: Haha, then there’s the tall guy behind her, who has NO sense of rhythm whatsoever.
Bishop: Wow, what a disaster.
Actress: Goddamnit! Why does it cut out just as they start dancing in formation??!! Why?? *cries*
Bishop: I’m beginning to see why whoever posted that named it “Dance Fools Dance”…. there’s truly some foolishness going on there. And yes, the formation dancing would have been entertaining.
Actress: I just wish I looked that good in a slinky red pantsuit…
Bishop: Baby, you look that good all the time… besides, pantsuits are overrated.
Actress: Yeah, you just can’t get them off quick enough… *winks*


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