Plastique Fantastique vol. VI


Actress: You know, if there was anything way I was going to transport myself around the cosmos, it wouldn’t be loping…or lopin’ for that matter.
Bishop: Ha! I just thought that. You’d probably be rocketing, or possibly flying…never lopin’. Also, “moseying” is right out…
Actress: Well, loping implies something to lope on, in my thinking, and there ain’t much to lope on in space…
Bishop: Yeah, you’d be floating before you were lopin’.
Bishop: Ginni looks like she’s about to catch a long hit to deep center field.
Actress: Yeah, she’s about to take a speckie in the goal square. Go Ginni!
Bishop: Oddly dressed for the occassion.
Actress: She looks disturbingly Sanyassin.
Bishop: Oops.. you lost me.
Actress: Orange People…er, a bunch of hippies in a cult in the 80’s who were very into Kundalini meditation and worshipping a corrupt “Bagwhan”. Bhagwhan Shree Rajneesh was his name. What a dodgy bastard…
Bishop: Cultists often are.  Yeah, she could fit right in that lot.
Actress: Indeed.  Ginni, however, is of the stars…
Bishop: I enjoy the tonal discrepancy between the title and subtitle. You would expect a more urgent verb than “lopin’ along” if the focus is on the immensity of human potential.
Actress: Well, yes…
Actress: Will you lope with me? Through the cosmos…?
Bishop: I would love to lope along through the cosmos with you.
Actress: Oh, lovely…
Actress: I think Ginni was hoping to be zapped up when the intergalactic bypass was being built. Shame it didn’t happen.
Actress: I wonder if she found her potential?
Bishop: Ha ha! She’s still waiting…
Bishop: She looks quite desperate and confused, given the vehemence of the subtitle. Does she know what the hell’s going on?
Actress: It does look like a desperate call… Or maybe she’s having an orgasm?
Bishop: Wow! That’s what I call achieving your potential!
Actress: RIGHT ON!!
Actress: Ahhhhhh………….

(It was at this point, dear reader, that our esteemed Actress disappeared into a vortex of cosmic orgasmic fancy. If you spy her, please notify the relevant authorities – and her mother. She can be recognised by her rosy cheeks and rather pleased with himself companion who goes by the codename: Bishop. Thank you for your attention.)


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