Dance Fools Dance! vol. II

Actress: Humpy humpy, nyork nyork nyork…
Bishop: Blorgen florgen schmorgen blorgen…
Bishop: I’m glad for a dance instructional video taught by Vincent Price and my fourth grade English teacher.
Actress: Hey, Vince always had his groove on..
Bishop: These moves seem too simple. Aren’t they just shuffling their feet?
Actress: No, they’re wiping dog shit off their shoes…
Actress: His pants are rather fetching, don’t you think? Nicely fitting… oh here comes the music!
Bishop: Yes, the pants are the best. Ah, the music! Make it go away!
Actress: Oh, the people have come alive! I thought they were mannequins..
Bishop: Ha ha… They flood the dance floor simultaneously. It’s a bit odd.
Bishop: I like the word “Disco” at the bottom of the screen. That’s so you don’t forget what you’re watching.
Actress: She’s a bit of a goer, eh? Wiggle it, baby…. c’mon…
Bishop: Keep your eye on Vincent the whole time… you can’t tell me with a straight face that that’s DANCING…
Actress: He looks like he’s off for a round of golf.
Actress: A bit of nooky behind the tree on the 8th hole…
Bishop: Yes. I know what that movement is and it’s NOT disco dancing.
Actress: It is for middle aged Scandinavians. Bless their feather hats and lederhosen.
Bishop: I wonder if the “foot scoot” impresses anyone.
Actress: He’s very authoritative. I wish he was my dance teacher…There’s that wiggle…
Bishop: I don’t think he’s a very good dancer. See, his shit is under control and very well-defined when he’s explaining, but once the music starts, he begins acting like a spaz.
Actress: He’s a terrible dancer. Once the music starts he’s stumbling all over the place like a drunken bum.
Actress: Oh. My. God. WHAT IS THIS STEP???
Bishop: He’s doing the “Your Drunken Uncle at a Wedding Shuffle”. I love that dance!
Actress: That last 30 seconds gets me every time…
Bishop: It makes you wonder what didn’t make the edit… I think Vincent was getting progressively more shameful.
Bishop: Too bad it didn’t go on longer.
Actress: I second that. This video makes me happy.



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10 responses to “Dance Fools Dance! vol. II

  1. salahudin

    check THIS crazy shit out:

    bollywood disco! LMAO!

  2. salahudin – Ah, now our readers are helping us! You’re too kind!

    Thanks for the visit and we’re glad you liked it. Thanks for the clip and be sure to come back any time you like.

    – Bishop

  3. JRSofty

    At first I thought the people were Swedish and I was expecting a bunch of ABBA jokes. However, the language was Spanish or Italian (something Latin).

    It was really funny I forgot how bad Disco really was.

  4. Hey JR, actually they’re Finnish. All those Scandinavian countries have such a distinct sound… and er, quirky cultural oddities, heh.

    Aw, disco wasn’t that bad, except when attempted by your drunken uncle, staggering around at a wedding. See above video for case in point. πŸ˜‰

  5. dogslol – You’re very welcome. πŸ™‚ Come back any time you like. It’s always good to see you.

    – Bishop

  6. linnilabelled

    Ha, ha, this is the worst disco dancing I’ve ever seen! Wonder who they made it for, I mean, who in their right mind would take dancing lessons from a Finnish dude in his late 50s who moves like he’s got something weird in his pants?! Love it.

  7. linnilabelled – I don’t know. Upon seeing this guy, my LAST thought is that I want to copy his dance moves and my first is that CNBC is right now missing their most loyal viewer.

    That is… if he got CNBC. I have a hard time make Finnish-related jokes because I have no idea what the Fins do outside of scare the bejeesus out of me.

    And please don’t make me envision what weird thing he has in his pants. Just… please, no.

    Thanks for stopping by. We hope you enjoyed your visit. πŸ™‚ Come back whenever you like.

    – Bishop

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