Comix Remix vol. III


Bishop: I love it when masked comic book ninjas conspire against their partners with the audience. Yes, it happens all the time.
Actress: Indeed. And I wouldn’t like to make Power Man MAD. Geez. He might… break something!
Bishop: He’s quite strong! And he hates low sales numbers. He’s quite the stickler for strong business performance.
Actress: Well, I think they did the right thing by stipulating that 60 cents is cheaper than a doctor’s bill. You’d get far more readers with that clever marketing ruse…
Bishop: These days, buying a car might be cheaper than a doctor’s bill.
Actress: Depends on which country you live in, I guess… ahem.
Bishop: Although, I don’t like the threatening tone. That’s not the best way to win over readers, I have to say. “Hey, punk, do you like trips to the doctor or don’t you?!?”
Bishop: It’s a bit off-putting, but on the other hand, you have to begrudgingly respect that kind of bravado. Even fictional characters were ballsier back in the 70’s.
Actress: I thought he was talking into a nifty wrist phone at first, but no…. He’s just yelling because he likes the sound of his own voice inside that echo chamber of a collar…
Bishop: Yes, Iron Fist has a collar that resembles those lamp shade things they make dogs wear so they don’t bite their stitches.
Actress: Yes! That’s exactly what it reminds me of. His mask looks a bit ill, too..
Bishop: Another sign of the times: open chest tunic, with wicked dragon tattoo on his chest.
Actress: Is that a dragon? It looks like a wilting tulip…
Bishop: Hey, don’t insult his dragon…
Bishop: Said the actress to the bishop!
Actress: Oh, brilliant call, my love… *kisses*
Bishop: Thank you, thank you *kisses*
Bishop: Go ahead and make fun of the name. Power Man and Iron Fist sounds TOO suggestively pornographic… you can’t ignore it.
Actress: Are you saying Power Man and Iron Fist is a sublimated gay comic?
Bishop: No, but that name MUST be mocked publicly. I mean, it’d be a crime not to.
Actress: I think it all sounds rather invasive and painful when I think of it that way….
Bishop: True… and now that you brought it up the wilted flower on his chest where a dragon should be, this comic becomes even more disturbing and awkward. We can just twist ANYTHING around, can’t we?
Actress: Isn’t that why you love me so? *flutters eyelashes*
Bishop: C’mere, you…


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