Plastique Fantastique vol. IX


Actress: Oh, you can’t be serious. Where do we start with this??
Bishop: This appears to be Bryant Gumble and Tommy Chong in speedos and neckties
Actress: Hah! And rather fetching speedos, I must say… You might have some competition there, honey…
Bishop: D’oh! I will fight them both at once if need be! For your love!
Actress: I’m a sucker for the nautical look.
Bishop: They don’t look very at home at water, I have to say
Actress: WHY are they wearing ties? Is this stage attire? Or did they just need to strip off really quickly because they needed to duck into the water for a pee?
Bishop: Ha ha! You might be onto something. To be honest, they remind me of homeless guys who are pretending to go work because they’re somewhat schizophrenic. They put on the ties because they have a big meeting today (in their minds).
Actress: Yes, that kind of explains the “vision” of an “angel” in a pyramid….
Bishop: Hey, there you go! Although I have to wonder why they’re not looking at said angel. It seems as if they’re deliberately ignoring her.
Actress: She doesn’t look happy about it, either…
Actress: She’s getting her frock wet.
Bishop: She looks as lost and sad as they are… get these poor people to dry land, someone! They’re clearly miserable
Actress: What impresses me most about this record, is that it’s AUTOGRAPHED. That is awesome (and I don’t use that word often, or lightly…).
Bishop: Yes. Duduca & Dalvan have FANS. Think about that for a second.
Bishop: It boggles the mind
Actress: Oh. My. God. It comes with a calendar!
Bishop: Holy shit! TWELVE pictures like this!
Actress: a poster calendar, no less..
Bishop: I’m afraid… I’m scared now.
Actress: I want it. Take me back to 1986!!
Bishop: Time to hit up eBay.
Actress: I’m still transfixed by those nautical themed speedos. They are stunning…and so well fitting.
Bishop: Ugh… no. This album cover is so horrible I’ve denounced God. There can be no Superlative Power in a world where Duduca & Dalvan strut about nude….
Bishop: for what God could allow THIS?
Actress: Are you saying their little angel is not of God?
Bishop: If she’s come to unleash these two on the world, then, no… she’s something far more sinister.
Actress: I think you’re right. Either that, or she just wants some ice cream.
Bishop: I’m disconcerted by the image of an angel on this cover. Are there religious themes? I don’t like the vision of serenity juxtaposed against these creepy, hairy guys and their tightly-bundled sausage links.
Actress: She doesn’t look very serene to me…
Actress: Someone’s a little grumpypants…
Bishop: Upon closer inspection, she does seem a bit disgruntled.
Bishop: Again, it probably has to do with being in the cold water in that outfit. She can’t be comfortable.
Actress: Exactly. I want to hear what’s on this record, as always…
Bishop: It’s in Spanish. Which is good, because I’m almost afraid of what the lyrics sound like.
Actress: I’ve run the title through a translator, and apparently it means “Massa Falida”, which explains everything, don’t you think?
Bishop: Yeah, makes sense to me
Bishop: This cover has been rated HW (Horrible & Wrong)… Listener discretion is advised.
Actress: You have been warned….



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8 responses to “Plastique Fantastique vol. IX

  1. LOL
    In response to your question…yes it could end badly…

    …your blog is a scream…

    We should blog roll…There are a lot of my readers that would get a chuckle out of your humor{?}.

    Smiles and world peace,
    ~The Baby Boomer Queen~

  2. Sharon – Glad you liked it. 🙂 We hope you enjoy our blog and come back as often as you like.

    If you add us to your blogroll, we’ll add you. 🙂

    Thanks for the visit and the support. It’s greatly appreciated.


    – Bishop

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  4. Oh MY GOD!!! I cannot stop laughing!!!!!!!! What possessed them?

    Thanks for adding me to your blogroll. I’m officially adding you to mine. Pronto. Right now. This minute.

  5. moonbeam – Yes, we’re wondering the same thing. It would take very dire straits to get me to strip down to a pair of skimpy speedos and a necktie to pose for an album cover. I hope it wasn’t their idea.

    And thank you for your promptness. 😉 You have a great blog, and it’s our pleasure to include you on our blogroll. Thank you very much for reciprocating. Greatly appreciated.

    Have a good time. 🙂

    – The Bishop

  6. Just a correction: it’s not spanish, it’s brazilian portuguese. Nevermind, sucks just like any other crap.

  7. Robert Thomson

    … and Massa Falida (in Portugese) means “Bankrupt Estate”, which I’m sure explains all the religious imagery and budgie smugglers (?)

  8. Robert Thomson

    Here’s their bio, as translated from the Portugese by Google:

    “Duduca and Dalvan are a pair of backwoods music / romantic that began in 1977 active until the present day. Lions are considered the Country Music”

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