Enfants Terribles vol. II


Bishop: Megaforce is about deeds not words.
Actress: Deeds, as in pointing like and wearing a headband like an 80’s tragic? Because I think that gets you lightning as well as the vehicular aura…
Bishop: Yes. It was all about that 80’s headband. I think this guy was the lead singer for Loverboy
Actress: Hey, don’t diss Loverboy.
Bishop: This guy looks like Chuck Norris decided to impersonate Darth Vader and Olivia Newton John at the same time.
Actress: If you have one of those nifty electronic chest pads, you too can have motorbikes, cars, and helicopters shooting out of your body at all angles.
Bishop: I have no idea what that chest pad does… I’ll assume it controls said motorbikes, cars and helicopters?
Actress: I want one.
Bishop: I want you to have one too, baby, but you might not be man enough. Megaforce is NOT an equal opportunity employer. They’re very bigoted in their hiring methods.
Actress: I’m not manly enough. I’m angry now. I’m going to put on my legwarmers and challenge him to a duel.
Actress: *sings* “Turn me LOOSE, turn me LOOSE, I gotta do it MY WAYYYY.. or NO WAY AT ALLLLLLLLL.. YEAHHAHAHHHHH”… Now I’ve got him. It’s a karaoke duel.
Bishop: *applauds*
Actress: Is he naked? I think he’s naked, but they were a bit coy about the boy bits…
Bishop: That could be.
Actress: Oh, he’s wearing a jumpsuit, I take that back. A VERY fitting jumpsuit.
Bishop: This ad is too ambiguous… Megaforce was a horrible 80’s action movie and this ad is to encourage children to join the fanclub. A cursory glance at the picture brings all kinds of questions to mind.
Actress: It is quite enticing though, you have to admit. For only ONE DOLLAR, you get the patch, an official membership card, and some reflective decal. I’m in.
Bishop: Everything cost a dollar at one point… That’s also the price you had to pay for the 7 foot tall dancing monster ghost doohicky thingamajig.
Actress: I think we should publish a book of all the brilliant deals you can get through mail order/fanclubs. We’ll make a mint. Maybe even more than a dollar!
Bishop: Great idea! The irony is that the book costs $19.99
Actress: That’s a very manly price…
Bishop: I just hope I’m man enough for Megaforce.



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7 responses to “Enfants Terribles vol. II

  1. Is that a pistol in his pants, or is he just happy to see me?

  2. KELI – Zing! Now I don’t feel so bad for looking at his hand and wondering if he wants us to pull his finger.

    Yes, this is one blog where silly jokes are not only accepted, they’re required.


    – Bishop

  3. proudlu

    he is clearly wearing some sort of foam chest implant…maybe he is a lost gunman from Starship Troopers…the Darth Vader, Olivia Newton John comment caused an accident of the urinary nature

  4. The electronic chestpad comes with the “Ultra-Deluxe official Megaforce membership kit”, and there’s a button on it that lets you stop time!

    Now if you’ll pardon me, I have to go buy ammo for the cannons on my MegaForce “Doom-buggy”.

  5. Karen

    His hair’s too neat. There’s something wrong with him, he can’t be “megaforce”.

  6. Barry Bostwick played this guy in the “Megaforce” movie. No, I don’t think he was man enough. I saw him in “Rocky Horror.”

  7. Karen – What a wimp! If you’re judging masculinity by the messiness of one’s hair, I’m ten times as “mega” as that wuss! Bah!

    moonbeammcqueen – Barry Bostwick? Lame. You know who this site needs more of? Chuck Norris. I know he’s already a tired internet meme, but I’m unable to resist.

    Yes… Chuck Norris…

    – The Bishop

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