Plastique Fantastique vol. X



Actress: Holy crap, is that a real child? In the pink, I mean…
Bishop: I have no idea… Do I see one lifeless doll, two, or three?
Actress: I’m counting three. This is like something out of a creepy doll horror movie.
Bishop: OK, Whichever of you are flesh and blood humans, raise your hand!
Actress: Anyone?
Bishop: *crickets chirping*
Actress: …………………
Actress: Ok, so we have to assume that Little Marcy is Chucky’s sister in the green… Is she a ventriloquist doll? I ask only because that woman doesn’t appear to have her hand anywhere near her arse…
Bishop: Ahh! This cover keeps getting creepier… The doll sings on its own!
Actress: And I don’t like the look on the woman’s face. I’m waiting for her eyes to glow red. Actually, I’m waiting for ALL their eyes to glow red…
Bishop: Yeah, bare minimum
Bishop: Who dresses their kids like that? Is that Laura Ingalls?
Actress: Oh, my… I think it’s Nelly! It would explain the sadistic vibe…
Actress: I think the other child has been kidnapped and forced to participate in blondie’s “little dolly” fantasies. She looks like she’s in pain.
Bishop: God, they all appear in pain… emotional pain.
Bishop: It makes me long for a nice monster movie poster. One where people are being attacked by vicious space aliens. At least then, the horrors are overt
Actress: This IS a monster movie poster.
Bishop: You’re right! This is good old-fashioned nightmare fuel if I’ve ever seen it.
Actress: I’m frightened to go to sleep now. Will you stay up with me, baby?
Bishop: Yes. I may never sleep again.
Actress: As long as we never, never sleep together… *wink, wink*



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6 responses to “Plastique Fantastique vol. X

  1. UM

    That is sick…and FUNNY!
    Thanks I needed the laugh this morning. My neighbor’s pet monkey bit me.

    Also, I like your email address. How do I know it? You commented on my blog.

    I’d like to add you to my blogroll.
    If that’s OK, come by http://www.trailerparkbarbie@wordpress and give me a “YEP!”

  2. Karen

    I’m scared. I once worked for a woman that looked like the one in the pink!

  3. UM – Of course that’s ok, we’re so pleased you like our rambly little space. 🙂

    We will add you… hang on, did Bishop already do it? We’ll get onto it…

    Karen – You worked for a woman who looked like a terrified, crying doll-child? No wonder you say “once”, and not “presently”… That would be more than enough to scare me off any employment…

    ~ Actress

  4. proudlu

    what songs should you sing with this baby….all hail king satan…or something really satanic like Rocky Mountain high by John Denver

  5. That image is now burned into my retinas, and there’s nothing I can do about it.

  6. Proudlu – Indeed. I’m also thinking some Peter Paul and Mary, The Seekers, and maybe just a sprinkling of Tom Jones for extra subversion.

    Moonbeam – Er, yeah. Sorry ’bout that… We’ll try to replace it with something a bit less scary soon.

    Hah. Who am I kidding?


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