Ad Nauseam vol. VIII

Actress: Ahhhh! My eyes..!!
Bishop: Dial keeps you dry but what will return my vision after I’ve gone blind from the commercial?
I don’t think they mentioned a guarantee. You could sue.
Actress: This commercial gives me spiral eyes…
Bishop: It makes me wonder what the “secret ingredient” to Dial is. If you catch my meaning…
Actress: Oh, I catch it. I could be persuaded to join a cult led by OJ Simpson, I am so transfixed by this commercial. There is a secret ingredient, alright…
Bishop: The OJ cult is a sham, but I see what you mean. This commercial is hypnotic. I have no choice but to buy this deodorant. It’s wedged itself into my brain.
Actress: I feel I’m having severe acid flashbacks. This is doing strange things to my head. I am really starting to think I shouldn’t have done all that acid in my misspent youth… man…
Bishop: Don’t feel guilty… at least your experiences didn’t lead you create psychadelic deodorant commercials. If LSD has harmed anyone, it’s the good people at Dial.
Actress: Yes! Take acid and work in advertising. Ought to be more of it, I say…
Bishop: More interesting commercials, that’s for sure. I think the talking gecko in the Geico ads was created by heads.
Actress: I swear to god, I have watched that commercial about 48 times, and it NEVER fails to stop me in my tracks and turn me into a spiral eyed zombie. And that’s not an altogether unpleasant feeling…
Bishop: I’m glad you enjoyed it so much… or are you now addicted to the Dial commercial?
Actress: Must… have… dial… dry……



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3 responses to “Ad Nauseam vol. VIII

  1. KillerDollie

    Oh man, I love that Geico gecko!

    I fell asleep on a train in England last month and this dude was right behind me, never shut up. Sounded JUST like the Geico Gecko. Had a trippy dream that little lizard was on my shoulder talking to me.

  2. Karen

    I will say that beats the “Viva Viagra” commercials that are on now. Or, if you have Comcast cable, the “Bob” commercials on Spike.

    I like the gecko. Almost got one, but I found out they eat crickets, & I won’t handle them.

  3. KillerDollie – I love the Geico gecko, too. However, I also liked those cavemen until culture decided to shove them down my throat at any given chance. They got their own sitcom fer chrissake!

    Were you sitting in proximity to Michael Caine?

    Karen – Nooo! I have a physical aversion to the “viva Viagra” commercials. Make the hurting stop!

    Geckos are cute.

    Best, all.

    – Bishop

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