Ad Nauseam vol. IX


Bishop: What the hell? They made a horse?
Actress: I think this blog has suddenly become unsuitable for children….
Bishop: Whatever’s going on here, it’s unsettling and wrong.
Actress: Yes, and I think it scares me more that it comes from a sewing pattern.
Bishop: Eeek. I don’t want to ask.
Bishop: An alternate theory: maybe the caption belongs to the horse.
Actress: Oh. My. God. I may puke. I think they may be clones. Are they the same woman? Look at them. It’s weird.
Bishop: Maybe he made a couple of blonde 70’s stereotypes… Could he be a mad genius horse who’s cloning women? Who knows?
Actress: Is this from an Amish fashion catalogue?
Bishop: Yes, it is from an Amish fashion catalogue. The Amish do in fact have their own fashion culture.
Actress: I say, that bonnet is rather fetchingly tied at the side. Very subversive..
Bishop: Hey, if there’s a subversive way to tie a bonnet, that must be it.
Actress: All the Amish ladies are doing it (said the actress to the bishop)…
Bishop: Ah! I fall more in love with you with every double entendre.
Actress: Would you still love me in a bonnet and pinafore with cherries on the bib? *flutters eyelashes*
Bishop: Of course. Wear it to bed. Be my Amish Aphrodite.
Actress: What about the frock underneath? That neckline is so sexy…
Bishop: The whole outfit is great. It gets my approval.
Actress: Not to mention the puffy sleeves. The safari pantsuit, isn’t nearly as comely….
Bishop: Yeah, it looks a bit stiff. No guesses as to what they made? And who made what?
Actress: Whoever made it, couldn’t help themselves, and that in itself screams a dire need for some deep psychotherapy.
Bishop: Yeah, talk about needy. It’s a compulsive desire for attention.
Actress: Although it may be a little more comfortable for riding (ahem) the horse…
Bishop: Get your mind out of the gutter!
Actress: Oh, you don’t really mean that… *smiles*
Bishop: Ah, who am I kidding? Go ahead and keep your mind in the gutter. I wouldn’t have it any other way *grins*.
Actress: Aw, just my mind? *winks*



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6 responses to “Ad Nauseam vol. IX

  1. proudlu

    This is actually a note from God…..he or she can’t help saying to humanity, “Admire my unmatached skills of both horse creation and casual sewing….and fence building.” God is an awesome God…..

  2. proudlu – So, God is Amish. I was right. I still think that woman is feeling her breast under that cheerful cherry bib, though.

    I think the comely lady on the right is leading bib-lady astray. She looks quite worldly, don’t you think? Naughty, naughty Amish…

    ~ Actress

  3. Karen

    Actually, they both look like Linda Evans, from the 1965 TV show, The Big Valley. Go here & look:

    I wonder if Chris would like it, if I made one & wore it for him. At night. Upstairs. Hmmm……..

  4. Karen, a woman after my own heart. I know that high neckline and the bib really does something for the Bishop. Let us know how you go with that… 😉

    Oh, and that tv show is an obvious inspiration. Gosh, our readers are so smart and resourceful! I love you guys…

    ~ Actress

  5. Wendy – Glad you liked! 🙂

    ~ Actress

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