Plastique Fantastique vol. XII



Actress: Oh, hello boys!
Bishop: Ahhh! I don’t want to hit this jackpot!
Actress: I dunno, all that satin is doing things to me…
Bishop: What’s the group’s name? Jackpot again? Or is that the album’s title?
Actress: Maybe it’s like Led Zeppelin II, III, IV etc…. it’s Jackpot… Again!
Bishop: Jackpot… The Return!
Actress: Have you noticed how only the guy in the green is really getting into the glam spirit? I think he’s the group stylist. “Those stars look FABULOUS on you, Merv! Oh, Barry, I really think you need some kind of floral motif… in 3D!”
Bishop: Ha ha. The other guys seem like straight guys who got dragged into Mr. Green’s “World of Gay”. They seem a bit out of place.
Actress: Yes, indeed. Ol’ Bruce on the end with the medallion looks like he’s having a good time, but that could just be that he’s struggling for breath because his pants are too tight.
Bishop: The tightness of the pants is simply unacceptable. This picture causes me physical pain to look upon. Do you know how bad these clothes must HURT? I mean, testicles aren’t supposed to be treated that way.
Actress: Oh, sweetheart, you’re talking to a woman here. Talk to me again when you’ve walked a day in high heels, or worn an ill-fitting bra…. Although, I am concerned for their sperm count.
Bishop: I can’t stop laughing because I just noticed that the background is a candle store. They’re shopping for scented candles. Talk about furthering a stereotype.
Actress: Hey, nothing wrong with scented candles, darling. Although I was wondering where the hell they were… I thought it was some kind of gift shop. What gives with that?
Bishop: Why would you stage the photo shoot for an album cover there? It’s a really poor choice, but I get the feeling Jackpot made many career blunders.
Actress: … and most of them crimes against fashion, I daresay… but then again, I haven’t heard the record.
Bishop: OK, take your best guess… what’s the music sound like?
Actress: Well, I’m getting a pretty strong Bay City Rollers/Gary Glitter vibe from the outfits… I’d be surprised if they’re not singing in English either. I’m guessing, Swedish?
Bishop: Ha ha. Why does so much strangeness in the world originate in Sweden?
Actress: Those crazy Scandinavians strike again. It’s something to do with the weather, I’m sure. That, and their strangely insular culture…
Bishop: Yeah, this has Sweden stink all over it. But I mean that in the nicest possible way…
Bishop: And I’m sensing a strong disco vibe, for the record.
Actress: Sweden or Finland. God bless the Scandinavians. Where would our blog be without them?


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  1. “Bishop: Yeah, this has Sweden stink all over it. But I mean that in the nicest possible way…”

    Like so many of their native dishes….

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