Plastique Fantastique vol. XIII



Bishop: One of Roger’s facets isn’t a last name, sadly…
Actress: Or dress sense, so it seems…
Bishop: Or subtlety. Between the ham-fisted histrionics, and the outfit that has nearly blinded me, I’m already deducting Roger some major points.
Actress: I’m deducting points for his name, also. I mean, it’s one thing to have Roger as your given name, that’s all well and good… but it’s not very showbiz, is it? Think Roger Whittaker…
Bishop: Exactly. With that fashion sense, we can presume his music is deeply fonkay (yes, spelled “fonkay”). Therefore, why not go with Dr. Thumpalicious or Captain Interstellar-LoveMotherShip? That would be MUCH more appropriate than “Roger”
Actress: Indeed. But then again, he is a moody guy. Who can know what really goes on in the mind of Roger?
Bishop: Maybe he has multiple personality disorder. I wonder which one is the REAL Roger?
Actress: That’s exactly what I’m getting at. I’m guessing it’s the bottom, middle shot. I think that photo is the key to his very soul. Roger is but a sad clown. Just hazarding a guess, but correct me if you think I’m wrong…
Bishop: No, that’s what I imagine, as well. Roger has a deep soul and you can tell by that contemplative picture. “I think that I shall never see a poem funky as a tree…”
Actress: Hah! I think the other clue is the photo at bottom left. He’s trying to point the world toward his pain…
Bishop: Yes, as if to say “The real me is right over here. Have a look, won’t you?”
Bishop: Either that or he’s encouraging someone to pull his finger, in which case, I’m way off…
Actress: Well, there’s always that, too, but I think we’ve found the key to Roger’s soul. I applaud us for our perceptiveness and sensitivity to Roger’s plight. If we could just work out exactly what that plight is…
Bishop: He’s feeling sorrow because his clothes are SO shiny they blind unsuspecting passers-by, turning him into a social pariah. Much like Quasimodo, no one can look upon Roger. I mean that literally. They CAN’T look at him. He’s reflecting the sun’s rays.
Actress: Somebody needs to tell him. Do you think we can find his address? I feel a social duty to save him from his sequinned segregation…
Bishop: We might have a hard time tracking him down. Only knowing his first name isn’t helping. I imagine Googling “Roger” returns thousands of hits.
Bishop: A small problem I have with the album’s title: The use of the word “many” is a bit much. I count six. That’s “a few” at best.
Actress: Well, it could be “Several Facets of Roger”, at best…
Bishop: Maybe he doesn’t want to give ALL his facets away right off the bat.
Bishop: At the end of the day, it’s good Rog has a sense of humor. Look at that last picture (the one in the bottom, right-hand side). “Don’t go there, girlfriend!” See, it’s not all gloom and introspection!
Actress: Several facets, indeed. I don’t think any number of expressions will ever convey the complexity that is ROGER….



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3 responses to “Plastique Fantastique vol. XIII

  1. Karen

    I’m dating myself here, but I think I remember that album cover. Or something close. I feel old, I need coffee.

  2. salahudin

    an audio pod cast of this would be MUCH better

  3. Karen – Coffee isn’t the answer. Roger is the answer. Or maybe Roger has the answer. Or maybe Roger was the answer….

    Have one for me, will you darl?

    salahudin – Don’t be giving us ideas, now… Well, do be giving us ideas. They make us think and talk about things that may or may not ever happen.. and that’s always fun.

    ~ Actress

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