Plastique Fantastique XV


Actress: Is that John Belushi?
Bishop: *gasp!* Belushi!
Bishop: Snap.
Actress: I don’t think Belushi ever wore white pants.
Bishop: No, this is clearly some sort of tropical Belushi.
Actress: This is like Belushi on holiday in Imperial Singapore.
Bishop: I think he faked his own death and hid out in the Hawaiin Islands after changing his name to Jose Angel.
Actress: His shoes are pretty sharp, apart from the socks… and the baby poo brown coloured shoes.
Bishop: Yeah, and he really wants you to know how sharp they are, he’s displaying them quite prominently.
Actress: He’s got a pretty flash digital watch, too. He must have been making a mint. I think this “career” is a cover for his decadent drug lord lifestyle.
Bishop: Ha ha! Yes, he’s clearly a cocaine-lord on par with Pablo Escabar. The clothes fit, after all.
Actress: I am taken with what is written at the bottom of the cover, “Madre Soy Christiano Homosexual”. Translated: “Mother I am Christiano Homosexual”. Maybe it wasn’t drugs he was enjoying…
Bishop: Hey, I didn’t need a translator to tell that “homosexual” is Spanish for “homosexual”
Bishop: Points for me! I’m so smart, aren’t I?
Actress: Oh, you are, baby. That’s why I love you. I think this album is his coming out letter to his mother…
Bishop: I think you’re right… and that’s deeply concerting for some reason.
Bishop: I believe he’s acknowledging that he’s a gay Christian. Hey, more power to him, but is this album really the best way to tell your mom?
Actress: It’s a little public, I’d have thought… but who am I to judge?
Bishop: I think a face-to-face would feel more honest than a collection of spicy latin dance grooves?
Actress: I want to see one of his music videos.
Bishop: It might be like a chubbier version of Gloria Estefan
Actress: Or maybe, this guy……..


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