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Plastique Fantastique vol. XVIII



Actress: I can make no sense of this. Supernature of…. what? Bad Halloween masks?
Bishop: I have no idea what I’m looking at, except to say that if they’re trying to give me nightmares, they’re doing a great job.
Actress: Is the guy grabbing Cerrone’s foot sucking on a dummy… er, pacifier?
Bishop: I… don’t… know. I think the guys on the floor are Slipknot. Correct me if I’m mistaken.
Actress: A poor man’s Slipknot, if that is possible. IS his name Cerrone? You know, that rings a bell. I think I’ve heard of that guy. However, it could be recognition via my vast collection of bad album covers. I suspect he is a serial offender…
Bishop: If we’ve seen this guy before, then he owes us TWO apologies… I’m officially pissed at Cerrone.
Actress: I’m still trying to work out exactly what he is doing. He looks like he is trying to stand up off a table with what on it? That thing looks like something straight of my Year 9 science class.
Bishop: What’s it doing there? Why are the guys under the table attacking him? Maybe these are the doctors, and he’s just got really shit health coverage.
Bishop: If you need a checkup and the guys helping you are mental patients with rubber animal face masks, look out.
Actress: They’re doing a pathetic job of it. They don’t look remotely scary to me. Just idiots in stupid masks. Call me a cynic.
Bishop: Just like Slipknot. I think I’m onto something.
Actress: Hah! Indeed. I’m still puzzled by the guy on the left, however…
Bishop: He’s going in for the tackle. It’s a pig-doctor about to knock over a Latino musician… What’s not to understand?
Actress: I suspect Cerrone may be caught. He looks distracted. Disturbingly like he’s about to sit down on the lavatory, in fact…
Bishop: This cover is making my eyes bleed… I need a doctor. But not an evil pig-doctor. No wolf-rabbit-doctors, either.
Actress: Maybe if I dressed up in a sexy nurse’s outfit, I could ease your pain, my love?
Bishop: That would do the trick.


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